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Intelect Shortwave 400

Intelect Shortwave 400

Product Details:


Product Description

Intelect Shortwave400

  • 400 W max output in continuous mode
  • 1000 W max output in pulsed mode
  • Auto-tuning
  • Uniform output power
  • Preset protocols
  • User-defined protocols
  • Adjustable electrode arms
  • Options of capacitive and inductive electrodes to choose from

Indications General

Shortwave therapy is the application of electromagnetic energy to the body at shortwave frequencies. Shortwave therapy equipment normally uses 27.12 MHz to produce the desired deep heating effect on the tissues of the body.At these frequencies, electromagnetic energy is converted to thermal energy by the induction of circulating currents in the insulating tissue. The heating effect produced by Shortwave diathermy aids the healing process by generating heat deep within the tissue resulting in numberous benifical effects.Shortwave therapy is indicated for the following:

A. Osteoarthritis

  • Definition: Chronic joint disorders (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, hand, foot and mandibular joints)
  • Goal of treatment: Analgesia, tone reduction, stimulation of perfusion

B. Chronic polyarthritis of the hip and shoulder Joints

  • Definition: Inflammation of more than one joint
  • Goal of treatment: Pain relief, lessening of inflammation

C. Achillodynia

  • Definition: Irritation of the Achilles tendon
  • Goal of treatment: Stimulation of perfusion, elimination of functionally- impaired contractures, analgesia, trophic improvement

D. Bechterew's disease

  • Definition: Inflammatory, stiffening disorder of the spine and of the major joints
  • Goal of treatment: Pain relief, local stimulation of perfusion, alleviation of muscular tension

E. Bursitis

  • Definition: Bursal synovitis
  • Goal of treatment: Normal function without irritation

F. Distortions, dislocations, contusions

  • Definition: Twisted joints, overextended joints, sprains, dislocations (luxation), crushing, injury due to brute force (contusion), always consider the possibility of fracture
  • Goal of treatment: Pain relief, local stimulation of perfusion hematoma resorption, luxations must first be setand immobilized until capsules are healed

G. Epicondylitis

  • Definition Tennis elbow, inflammation of tendon attachments on cubital or radial part of elbow joint (humeral)
  • Goal of treatment Pain relief, elimination of irritation

H. Facial paralysis (peripheral)

  • Definition Paralysis of the nervus facialis
  • Goal of treatment Accelerated healing, facilitation of new innervation

I. Fracture

  • Definition Broken bones
  • Goal of treatment Accelerated callus formation, especially in case of fractures that heal poorly

J. Intercostal neuralgia

  • Definition Nerve pain. Acute, painful irritation starting from the thoracic spine; Possible causes of this are nerve root compressions and acute blockages in the area of the kinetic elements or the joint faces of the vertebral bodies
  • Goal of treatment  Pain relief

K. Ischialgia
Definition Pain in ending of nervus ischiadicus, always radicular, usually caused by damaged intervertebral disc
Goal of treatment  Analgesia, tone reduction, hyperaemisation of the affected muscles

L. Contracture

  • Definition Loss of motion in a joint due to the shortening of soft tissue
  • Goal of treatment Physiological joint motion and muscle length

M. Lumbago

  • Definition Muscle pain in the lumbar region, lumbar rheumatism
  • Goal of treatment Elimination of the painful muscle tension, tone reduction

N. Myalgia

  • Definition Muscle pain
  • Goal of treatment Freedom from pain, full muscular function, tone reduction

O. Neuralgia / neuritis

  • Definition Nerve pain, nerve inflammation
  • While neuritis is characterized by clear symptoms of dysfunction, neuralgia refers to conditions where pain is primary, normally during the night
  • Goal of treatment Pain relief, acceleration of healing and regeneration without loss of function, inflammation stop

P. Frozen shoulder

  • Definition Shoulder pain accompanied by limitation of movement
  • Goal of treatment Freedom from pain, stimulation of perfusion, full joint movement

Q. Periostitis

  • Definition Cortical osteitis
  • Goal of treatment Pain relief, inflammation stop

R. Raynaud s disease

  • Definition Acute arterial blood supply in the fingers (angiospasms)
  • Goal of treatment Reduction of the frequency, intensity and duration of the attacks

S. Spondylosis / osteochondrosis

  • Definition Arthrosis of the vertebral bodies
  • Degeneration of the intervertebral discs
  • Goal of treatment Freedom from affliction, retardation of degeneration, muscle relaxation, stimulation of perfusion

T. Sudecks dystrophy

  • Definition Fracture disorder, healing decompensation. Dystrophy refers to a dystrophic alteration of the extremities occurring especially after fractures and operations
  • Goal of treatment Slow, careful improvement of the metabolism of the extremity; Prevention of atrophy and stiffness of joints

U. Tendovaginitis

  • Definition Inflammation of tendon and sheath; Painful grating or chafing of the affected tendon after overstraining or dull trauma
  • Goal of treatment Inflammation stop, pain relief, free movement function

V. Cervical syndrome

  • Definition Post-traumatic neck syndrome; Refers to afflictions beginning in the cervical spine that can emanate into the shoulder muscles or arms
  • Goal of treatment Pain relief, stimulation of perfusion, specific relaxation and stretching of tense muscle groups

Dosage Levels according to Schliephake

  • Dosage 1 No perceptible heat (athermal, subliminal)
  • Dosage 2 Slight warming (heat just perceptible)
  • Dosage 3 Pleasantly warm (pleasant, tolerable perception of warmth)
  • Dosage 4 Strong warming (strong but still tolerable perception of heat)


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